The Oregon House Rabbit Society is a state chapter of the House Rabbit Society; a non-profit organization founded under the same Internal Revenue code as humane and anti-cruelty societies. We work with city animal shelters, and our priority is the rescue of rabbits who would otherwise be euthanized.

Following rescue, our other priorities include fostering and adoption, which involves house-training, socializing, spaying and neutering and veterinary care.

The Oregon chapter has made more than 700 successful adoptions since our inception in 1992. However, not all rabbits are chosen by adopters, so we also run a sanctuary program for rabbits who would otherwise have no place to go. Finally, we work to provide education and counseling to the public about rabbits and rabbit care.

Our web site focuses on adoptable rabbits and rabbit resources in the state of Oregon. For information about general rabbit care, health and behavior, be sure to visit the national House Rabbit Society's web site at



Other shelters with rabbits:

Bonnie Hayes Small Animal Shelter - Aloha (503) 681-7041
Oregon Humane Society - Portland (503) 285-SPCA
Southwest Washington Humane Society - Vancouver, WA (360) 693-4746
Humane Society of the Willamette Valley - Salem (503) 585-5900

Greenhill Humane Society - Eugene (541) 689-1503
Heartland Humane Society - Corvallis (541) 757-9000



Contact Information:

The Oregon House Rabbit Society
12700 SW Dakota
Suite 180 PMB #125
Tigard, OR 97223